10 Reasons why you should visit Mauritius on Your Next Holiday !!

Exhilarating mountainous landscapes, rolling valleys, a dormant volcano and easily accessible waterfalls are just some of the treats in store for the adventurous visitor. Add to this the stunning beaches and the idyllic weather,  visitors can thoroughly experience this tropical island. Mauritius may sound like just another island country with its sandy beaches and blue waters, but it is so much more than that. A small country, just about 1.2 mn people, you’d be amazed at what all one can experience here.

Whether you are into history, nature, adventure, food, travelling with friends, family, or looking to plan your honeymoon; the island will not disappoint. Here are ten reasons why you should be booking your next holiday to Mauritius.

#1 Water Sports Adventure

Mauritius offers an amazing diving experience. When you dive here, you enter the world of bright corals, multi-colored marine life, and ship wrecks dating back to the 18th and 19th Century. If you are not a certified diver you can either get your certification here or opt for one of the uncomplicated dive sites. Of course, there are some sites only accessible to the advanced divers. Mauritius offers a lot of options for those who want to sail the sea. Choose from one of the speed boat tours, catamaran tours or hop onto a traditional boat to spend a romantic day island-hopping.

#2 Shop at Le Caudan Waterfront

Facing the harbour, Le Caudan Waterfront offers upscale shopping and a range of entertainment options, including a casino. Shop in one of the 170 boutiques for brands like Gucci, Mango and others, and later, rest your tired feet at the cafes.

#3 Port Louis

Port Louis, the bustling capital of Mauritius boasts of French colonial architecture and offers exciting shopping and entertainment venues. You will also find world-class hotels and restaurants in this area. Visit Champ de Mars, the oldest race course in the Indian Ocean region where the official flag-raising ceremony marking the independence of Mauritius took place in 1968.

#4 Tour of Ile Aux Aigrettes

Declared a Natural Reserve in 1965, the secluded island of Ile Aux Aigrettes is made up of coral limestone and has been devoid of human presence for a long time. You will find the most exotic species of flora and fauna here, including the famed giant tortoise of Mauritius. Keep a look out for the Pink Pigeon, a bird which has been rescued from going extinct.

#5 Take a Dip in the Grand Bassin

Head over to Grand Bassin, which is a natural lake within an extinct volcano crater. According to mythology, the water here is sourced from the sacred Ganges river in India. Taking a dip in this lake during the Shivratri festival is considered auspicious. At the northern side of the lake you will see a 108 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva, which is the second largest statue in the world.

#6 Visit Chamarel Colored Earth

Chamarel is a small village in Mauritius and a major tourist draw. What makes this place unique is the seven colored layers of sand! Climb up the observation deck and marvel at the hue of colors, ranging from yellow, red, brown, violet, purple, green and even blue. Buy test tubes filled with the seven colored sands of Chamarel as a souvenir to carry back home. On your way back, stop by the Chamarel Waterfalls for another great photo op.

#7 Swim with Dolphin

Mauritius is popular for its dolphin cruise, which ideally starts early in the morning, just a little before sunrise. You are taken to the open sea where you can spot dolphins and even enjoy a refreshing swim with these magnificent creatures. Tamarin Bay or Flic en Fac are the best beaches for this activity.

#8 Coastal Road Trip

Perhaps it doesn’t matter where you staying in this beautiful Island but if you are staying in Le Morne on the island’s south west corner, then you’re moments away from the B- 9 coast road – one of the loveliest stretches of highway in Mauritius. Whether you hire a chauffeur driven taxi, rent a car or choose the healthy option and go by bike, this is an unspoiled, less-visited part of the country you will be pleased to discover and explore it’s aura.

#9 Mountains and Valleys

No visit to Mauritius is complete without some exploration of its breath-taking landscapes – verdoyant mountains and lush tropical valleys. Since Mauritius is located near the Tropic of Capricorn, it enjoys a tropical climate. While the cliffs are rugged, the mountain peaks are dense with tropical flora and fauna. Sugarcane grows on the plateaus and the valleys are filled with attractive botanical growth. A naturalist’s dream, Mauritius seems designed for scenic explorations. The Black River Gorges National Park is a good starting point to experience all this. It is  situated in the southern central part and is high up on the plateau.

#10 Romantic destination

The quiet and exclusive nature of Mauritius makes it a perfect place for honeymooning couples. There is a very romantic feel to this location and a newlywed couple will find that married life gets off to the best possible start with this sort of break. With luxurious hotels, stunning beaches and plenty of spa options, a holiday in Mauritius with Best At Mauritius can provide a trip that will live long in the memory.


Mauritius Road trip- Tips and Advise

We hired self drive car from Ouitaxi Mauritius Rental Car company for five days journey covering nearly every hook and nook of the Island of Mauritius. With the GPS facility and expert tour advisory given by Ouitaxi team we were all set to explore this fancy Island.If you carry any preconceived notions about island roads you will certainly reconsider after your trip. Mauritius has an incredible infrastructure built up for drivers.

Road Condition

Road Trip-Mau1

There are three main types of roads you’ll see on the island while searching for most attractions.

1) The Highways – The highways roads often have multiple lanes, speed limit of over 100 km/hr the roads are well directed with follow sign boards.  

2) Main Roads – Most of the roads falls under main road category, these are single lane roads with a speed limit of 60-80 km/hr.  The roads have fine pavement, painted lane dividers, sidewalks etc.. 
3) By-pass Roads – These are the interior roads can also be called as by-pass roads if you lost the track you may take the help of GPS or locals who are always ready to help you..so don’t worry!!

I would say the overall experience of Driving in Mauritius is easy & comfortable compare to any other destination in world.

Challenges could be very few but here are some..!

Road Trip2

First, unlike western country Mauritius driving on the left hand side of the road, so it might have some challenge for the first time driver but after 30 mins of drive you will be accustomed and feel quite comfortable because people drive slow and easy in Mauritius unlike other country they will not panic you.

Secondly, during the rain roads are bit slippy and visibility could be a problem but it also lessen the speed of other cars as well the best way is to on indicator if visibility becomes low.

I would like to thank the entite team of  Ouitaximauritius Rental Car Mauritius for our car rental during our exploration of the island.

Enjoy Road Trip – Mauritius

Perhaps it doesn’t matter where you staying in this beautiful Island but if you are staying in Le Morne on the island’s south west corner, then you’re moments away from the B- 9 coast road – one of the loveliest stretches of highway in Mauritius. Whether you hire a chauffeur driven taxi, rent a car or choose the healthy option and go by bike, this is an unspoiled, less-visited part of the country you will be pleased to discover and explore it’s aura. 

Mauritius-Road Trip

Le Morne itself is the ideal place to start. The peninsula is not only home to some of the finest resorts and beaches on the island, it’s also a place of immense historical significance for Mauritians.

Le Morne Brabant, the sheer-sided mountain which dominates the landscape, is a UNESCO world heritage which was inscribed in 2008 to recognize and contribute to our understanding of slavery. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, escaped slaves known as ‘maroons’ came to shelter in the mountain’s barely-accessible caves, and the site remains a powerful symbol of the slaves’ resistance and ultimate fight for freedom. The mountain can be explored in various ways – including climbing at top – or simply pay a visit to the UNESCO monument at the foot of the monolith, where the cultural relevance of the landscape is explained in greater detail.

Now it’s time to get onto the B9 and begin the drive east in the direction of Souillac, passing through tiny, tumbledown Le Morne Brabant fishing village as you leave the peninsula behind. Cast your eyes over the ocean towards Fourneau islet and you may spot some of the settlement’s 150 fishermen hauling in their catch. From here, the road skirts the coastline all the way to Bel Ombre, where it cuts slightly inland, but before we get there we’ve a few more things to see along the way.

Road Trip-Mau

Just around the corner from Le Morne is the equally tiny village of Baie-du-Cap, located at the point where the Riviere du Cap empties into the sea. The road swings inwards in a wide inverted ‘U’ shape before rising up to meet one of the best known viewpoints in Mauritius. Here, right at the narrowest spot on a challenging hairpin bend is a jagged headland formed of solidified lava. The landmark, known as Macondé Rock, is navigable by way of a zig-zagging staircase and offers great views of the ocean and – even more interestingly – of the winding road behind; a truly impressive feat of engineering whose improbable tightness can only really be appreciated from above.

The south coast road is an easy, breezy drive with little traffic. However, the popularity of Macondé draws coachloads of tourists to this particular spot, and this is the only point in our drive where you’re likely to run into lots of other people. This can occasionally make it difficult to park despite there being several places to pull over. But if you do find a space, don’t just snap a few photos and jump straight back into the car. On the inland side of the road you’ll find several street food stands where you can chat with the locals while slurping down the juice of an expertly-sabered coconut or freshly peeled pineapple.

Road Trip-Mau1

Bel Ombre itself is well-known in Mauritius for the 2,500-hectare Domaine de Bel Ombre estate; home to luxury hotels. It’s also the home of the famous Heritage golf club. 

Either way, it’s a fabulous day out.

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Deep Blue Sea Safari Mauritius

Experience this incredible two-hour under-water excursion in the BS1100 submarine (including 40mn of dive) which has been specially designed to make sure everyone enjoys great views of the Indian Ocean from 35 meters below sea level. You will get safety training, a full explanation of the excursion and an unforgettable 40-minute journey under water.

Source: YouTube videosmauritius

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